About ROADcollective

Founded by two Seoul-based artists and theorists, Hayoung Joo and Peter Sutton. ROADcollective’s intention is to be a site of creativity and a catalyst for artists and designers. All though currently ROADcollective is not a physical space, it will have similar virtues, ROADcollective will function similarly to a gallery/studio and research facility. Initially hiring gallery space to display work before archiving the events on this website.


Hayoung Joo

Born in Seoul South Korea, Hayoung received her PhD in Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds. Currently teaching art history and post-colonial/post-modern theory at a number of universities in Seoul. Hayoung’s personal work explores cultural hybridity, gender, sexuality, race and religion.

Peter Sutton

Born in Manchester, UK, Peter studied Design at Liverpool and later received an MA from Manchester Metropolitan University. Currently teaching Visual Information Design at Namseoul University, Korea, his personal development concentrates on the visual language, especially of the city, how it develops and how we interpret it.


In addition

ROADcollective will also produce research documents to be read and appraised by the public. ROADcollective intends to be a research-led facility for artists and designers to communicate, collaborate, write about and produce art and design. It begins here as an online portal.


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